This is Revell's kit #7640 Alternomad. This kit was fun to put together. This is a #2 skill level with some skill level perks. I found this to be interesting and in some case nice as far as the assembly of the kit is concerned. With this kit I tried to do something different with the paint. While I was in a A.C. Moore with the Mrs. I was looking around in the paint section and a powder substance. I looked a little closer and found out that it was a pigment that you can either add to the paint or apply afterwards while the paint is still wet. I oppeted for the adding it to the paint. It turned out ok I currently don't know If you can see the final turn out untill I see the actual picture. The powder that I added to the paint is supposed to add change in color depending on what direction you are looking at the car from. This is kinda like what Ford has done with some of its paint schemes on their cars. This is my first attempt at it and I will try again with my next kit. This kit is also my first attempt at flocking. I bought some flocking that also came with its own bottle of glue that matched the flocking. It turned out ok but, next time I am going to put a paint that is very close in color on first. I am hoping that it will turn out better. If anyone has tips on flocking or other things to us for painting and how to thin them go ahead and pass them along and I will post them for you.

Created by Everett Seifridsberger