This has to be the best kits that I have ever seen together. The black Patty Wagon I've had for a while. With this kit I first painted all of the exterior parts black. When it came down to putting it together self spoke up and said, "Hey, why not try putting the decals on first?" Self thought ahead and saw that the decals where going to be hard to put on if they were put on after the truck was put together. So self put the decals on first, before assembling the truck. Now we come to the blue Patty Wagon. While I was in the hobby store they had just gotten a shipment of new kits in and I saw this one. This was the only one that they had and so again self said to wife, " I have to have this Patty Wagon to go along with the one that I already have at home." As you can now see we have two Patty Wagons that look pretty good along side of each other.

Created by Everett Seifridsberger