Here we go again. These are another classic car. The pink one came in this color and I liked it,so I kept it this way. This was also one of my first attempts at putting a gloss coat on a car. Unfortunately I used the kind that you use for wood burning and, as you can see things turned out kind of frosty. The yellow one came molded in an awful green color so I painted it yellow and black in this sequence, because I had seen one some place painted in this format. These were pretty easy to put together accept for the engine and rear drive setup. Just incase any of you are wondering where I came up with punch bug well it kind goes like this. It is a game that I and some of us here in the U.S.A. played while we where kids. If you saw one on these cars you would say punch bug and then punch the person sitting next to you. I also had another name for this car it was puddle jumper. If any of you out here in sybor land have another name let me know and I will add it to this list. Ok for all of folks out there in the midwest SLUG BUG is the word. I'll bet it hearts more than punch bug.

Created by Everett Seifridsberger