Here is my version of Revell's Speedwagon kit #85-7606.I call this the Ratcar. The reason that I do so is because of the appearecne of the car. Some times our head ideas sound good just as long as they stay in our heads and those that don't end up coming out and looking like this car. This is also the results that you get from not taking time with your kits. I did this kit in less than 7 days. The exterior is painted in flouresnt orange lacquer paint. I did not have any lacquer thiner to thin the paint so I went out and bought some cheap brushes to apply the paint and this is the end results for letting out some of my sometimes stupid ideas.Now that the pictures are here the pictures actually turned out better than the car looks. I guess that sometimes things turn out better than you think they really are.

Created by Everett Seifridsberger