PAINTING-I have used both Testers compressed air( which is an external mix of paint and air) and an air compressor that, has a Binks air brush gun. (this mixes the paint and air inside of the paint bottle) I prefer to use about 8 to 9 thin coats of paint instead of using 1 or 2 heavy coats of spray paint. I also find it helpful to have several sizes of brushes so that you can do several different styles of brush painting.
TRIMMING-I now use a small pair of pliers to separate my parts from the tree that they are on. I also have two different sizes of Exacto blades for the different types of trimming that you run into. I use my small Exacto for trimming the body where marks are left behind from the mold and, when doing the final trimming before gluing. I use my bigger Exacto for trimming the bigger pieces that I can't cut from the tree with my pliers.
-I am still undecided over whether or not to use the tube style or the style from Testors that has a small metal tube. I am currently using the bottle type with the small metal tube. I usually use a couple of drops of this style of glue. I have found though that I do use less of this kind than the tube kind. I am looking for any other kinds of tips that you might be willing to pass along. As I receive these tips I will post them for other model enthusiasts.
New for 1999, I am now using Cyanoacrlate glue. I have picked this up from Hobbytown USA it comes in a few different kinds of thickness. I use this mainly for those parts that really are hard to glue with regular glue or you just need it glued now.