Here is the classic look of the standard U.F.O. While I was shoping in my favorite hobby store, I seen this kit.
I seen the price and said to myself that is awful expensive for something as silly as that. Well I kept on looking and
waiting hoping that it would come down in price $25.00. I finally gave up and bought the kit. As you can see there are only 17 pieces to this kit.Testors put this kit out in 1994 and I bought it in about 1998. My favorite hobby shop is Knapps in Bennington Vermont. They are only 20 minutes from where I live here in New York State. The other store that I occasionlly shop is Hobby Shop U.S.A., which is 45 minutes from me and can be found in Colonie N.Y.
In the cock pit you will found that there are 2 aliens. One is sitting at the controls. The view screen is displayed on the window in a blue film. You may be able to see this in one of the pictures. The other alien is getting ready to go down into the engine room. The engine room is comprised of 3 engines. This is the picture that has 3 canisters sticking up from the silver plate. According to the paper that came with the kit this is supposed to be a real U.F.O. that our government is holding some where here in the states. The fellow who designed the kit was a prominet scientist that had actually been inside of the ufo. The ufo is comprised of 3 floors. The first floor being the engine room. It is said the the 3 motors are what is used to give the kraft it's lift and forward or sideway's motion. The 2nd floor consist's of the control room from where the kraft is flown from. The 3rd floor is unknown as the scientist was not allowed to go up to this floor. This is the reason why in this kit we only have the engine room and the control room. In the picture with the single alien you will see a black spot on the floor. This is some type of mess floor that when stepped upon it allows you to pass through to the lower section without falling and braking a bone.