Here we go this must be the most coveted sports car of this decade. Now if they would only make it affordable for the average man. This is as close as I am ever going to get in owning one of these two cars. I also have a couple of pictures of my youngest son sitting in one and standing by the coupe. The standard version I decided to paint yellow because, I thought that the tinted headlights that they sent with this kit would look better with yellow than with the traditional red that originally came with this car . The interior is done in leather and wood for that nice luxury look. I dry brushed the words that are molded into the kit brown, so that they would stand out. I painted the engine to match the exterior of the car and also dry brushed the fins on the valve covers. Now the GTS is painted in the same fashion. The interior was done in two shades of gray's and flat black. I preferred to paint this one red for the sports car look. The engine is painted as the previous one. I dry brushed the raised words in orange. While we were waiting to have my sons picture taken with the Viper's I noticed on the red one that was on the floor that the letters were done in orange. So I thought that I had done a pretty good job at guessing that one with out actually seeing the car.

Created by Everett Seifridsberger