Diving with Sandy and Don - Cut to the chase and no beating around the bush. It's about time someone spoke up and told it like it was. These articles aren't all frills and lace. Sandy and Don have a way of telling it straight. Not all dive trips and resorts are an Island paradise right out of a fairy tail. They share with you the great and the not so great. Read these before you head out on your next dive trip.

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Thank you for having such a great webpage on Lake George diving. This year, I have succumbed to peer pressure and decided to take up scuba diving. I was happy to see that you had information on one of my favorite bodies of water, Lake George. While I have vacationed in this area for most of my life, I see that I've been missing out on one of the most interesting and beautiful facets of this lake. While I was aware of the history of the region, I didn't realize that there is so much of it at the bottom of the lake. I was wondering if you knew where the old steamboat "Minnie Ha-Ha" was scuttled. It is my understanding that it was sunk in the northern part of the lake for divers to visit. Thanks again for this info. you have definitely made me glad I've decided to do this.


Hi Sandy & Don,

I would like to thank you for the diving exposure that you have brought to the Lake George area. As the owner of Morin's Dive Centers I would like to let you know the services that we offer. Our facilities are PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Dive Centers open year round. We are located only 15 minutes from Lake George Village just east of exit 18 off the Northway three blocks past the hospital. Our Dive Centers are full-service Dive Centers offering over 80 different recreational and professional programs, rentals, air fills, service, and we also offer Lake George & Lake Champlain Boat Charters. Our toll free nation-wide 1-800-924-DIVE phone number will contact you directly with our Glens Falls, New York dive center. It would be truly appreciated if your review of Lake George diving could reflect some of these services. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Rich Morin
Owner of Morin's Dive Centers
PADI Course Director

Don and Sandy,
While surfing the net this evening for dive/ general info regarding Bonaire, I stumbled on your home page and have to tell you, you've done a great thing. I have never e-mailed anyone before just to complement them on a site, but yours' is fantastic - I wish I had found it before heading off to Cozumel earlier this month.
Thanks again for your fabulous home page,

Dear Sandy and Don,
You've done a wonderful job on your website! I enjoyed your underwater pictures of St.Croix!

Hi Don & Sandy
I just wanted to drop you a line and say that your web page is a very nice change of pace from the typical sites. Your specific recommendations and short narratives provide a good basis. Actually, you talked us out of going to Aruba! I used to live in Puerto Rico, so I try to get to the Carib. whenever possible. I really miss it. However, if you don't dive, most of the islands are alike... you sit by the pool and you relax. Dive "destinations" are important to me, not just diving as a secondary activity.

I too wish to add my congratulations on your excellent site. My husband and I have been diving for seven years and have been to a few of the places you reported on. I found your descriptions very accurate and well written. I look forward to reading about your new adventures as the years go by. Adair

Hi - I liked your insights on St. Croix. My husband and I have been going there for vacation for the past 3 years and we really like it. If you decide to go there again, a great (cheap, clean, on the water) place to stay is called the Waves. It is small condos on Cane Bay. Its right on the water ( about $86.00 per night for 1 bedroom with kitchen, cable, a/c, screened in patio, vaulted ceilings and oceanfront).

I happened across your web page (very nice!) while I was browsing information on Lake George. My family is planning to spend a week or so there this coming summer and I was wondering what was available in the area regarding diving. I haven't been able to find any other information that what you've posted.

I really liked your website - the music is nice and the comments were interesting to read. We are doing some underwater photography with Sea & Sea cameras and it was fun to see your pictures! Thank you! Sarah

Hi Sandy & Don
Enjoyed your page... We've been diving awhile and appreciate your opinions. I did not have "A BIRD" after reading about St. Croix but can understand your feelings.. Dive Experience has been our best choice when we've been there. Not crowded, all the attention you want or need. We generally go there in April.(Off season) Next time ask for Sam... thanks again!! Karen

Dear Sandy and Don,
My name is Remco I am a student from Curacao studying in Holland! I just visited your homepage and its great! I really wanted to thank you for you positive remarks about our island we can really use it! Our economy isnt going so well these years so we could really use every help possible to get some tourists here! I cant thank you enough! Remco

I just wanted to let you know I came across your web page and I think it's GREAT!
I particularly like the music you added. Mexican for Cozumel, Hot Hot Hot for Nassau and Lullaby of Birdland for ST. Croix where you talk about the lack of birds there. Neat stuff.

I found your site on the web, very nice site and helpful. I am planning a trip to Lake george last week in July. Great info on all the diving

Great Web site. I read it before we went to Bonaire and it was helpful; espcially the part about renting a jeep to the Washington Park. We stayed at the Divi Flamingo and while it doesn't sound as bad as the Sunset hotel, it wasn't exactly perfect. We agree Bonaire is beautiful.

I really love your Web site. We've been to Bonaire and Cozumel, Aruba, St. Maartin, Bahamas and Cancun. We love Bonaire and Cozumel the best. Can you tell me please how you designed your Web site. Did you use a Web site authoring program? How did you do the moving graphics and the music?

Just wanted to let you know that I find your Reviews on your visited Dive sites very informative. I had to bookmark your site.

My husband is an avid snorkel/scuba type who's been diving in Florida (Keys and W. Coast) for years. I've been trying to convince him to take a trip to the Caribbean and he mentioned Bonaire, so I did a search and found your site. It's real pretty and I like the musical background a lot, but the Bonaire stuff is unreadable (black type on a dark greenish background.) Any way to change it to the style you use for FL, with the same background, but bright aqua type? Thanks and we're always looking for tips, especially in the Keys. Speaking of which, if you've never dined at the Old Road Cafe on Cudjoe Key, I recommend it highly. And, yes, May - Sept are the great months in the Keys, mostly because you can take lobsters, starting in late July! Thanks for your work on the site. Katherine NOTE: change was made

I just saw your web pages; you take some great photos. My fiancee, Becky, and I are planning our honeymoon on Bonaire in mid October this year. Your site has made me even more excited about going there. Unfortunately, we've booked our flights already, and some of them use ALM. I hope we don't have the same experience you two did. We had already booked into the Carib Inn, so at least we're doing some things right. Do you have any other advice for us? Thanks, Chip

I think you need to go backto is like the shore diving capitol of the world now!!!! They have made it so easy to shore dive now that I have been twice and never been on a boat dive!

Hey guys,
Awesome page some nice info on Lake George. I spend a lot of the summer up there and I think I might like to try out the diving there.

I just love your site. We've only been diving for a little less than a year.This is the perfect site to see what's "hot" and what's not. I'd always wanted to "dive Aruba" until now. I appreciate so much you taking the time to post your "been there-done that" insight on the internet.
I read most of your pages (Maui didn't interest me - too far away :-) and decided after reading your Cozumel page, that THAT'S where we're going on our next vacation. Only hear the bad things about it (dont drink the water) from NON-divers before. But the food prices sure sounded pretty good from where I stand (live). Can't wait now.
Thanx so much for the insight !!!!
-- Linda

Really enjoyed visitng your web site and will refer people to your site. I am a Bonaireean and I loved your pictures and the music and your to the point narratives. Thanks.........Diana

Really great web page.... have just spent about 2 hrs reading ALL your stuff... really great as I like to fish and scuba. Def going to get bookmarked!! Your dive stuff will certainly point me to the right locations. Thanks a bunch Larry

Great web site. Love your music.
My wife and I follow your same style. We like to stay a couple of weeks. We spent 2 weeks in St. Croix and felt the same as you. We stayed at the Waves of Cane Bay and had better weather than you did, but it wasn't the best diving.
We love Cozumel too. We have been there 4 times and stay 2 weeks each time.
Keep up the good work.

Hi Sandy & Don!
While researching the web in order to upgrade our visibility...I ran across your page.....really neat...wish I had sound on this unit.
We are in Key Largo at MM 106.5, oceanside, on the ocean....and one of the best known, most professional dive centers in the Florida Keys! Our website can be checked out at
Lou Alice
Capt. Slate's Atlantis Dive Center

Dear Sandy or Don:
We are a Spring Diving Resort in Northwest Florida and would like to complement you on your excellent web page. We are new on the Web and have a page linked off of
We would like to be listed on your web page with a link to our page.
Sincerely, Doc Dockery, Pres. Vortex Spring Resort. Ponce deLeon, Florida. 32455 Fax 1-850-836-4962

Hi Sandy and Don,
Whilst looking for information on a forthcoming holiday to Cable Beach, Bahamas in April, I found your web site. The information on diving in Nassau was very interesting. I intend to use the same dive operator so your views were appreciated.
Keep up the good work!!
Bob Pook (Essex, UK)

We own a small villa in Cayman at the east end that we rent out for $110.00 summer & $125.00 winter If you have interest or would list on your web site we would be grateful. We have picture at Cayman Rental by the way your site is great.

We stumbled upon your site, what a great service! We hope that you may visit Puerto Vallarta Mexico some day and dive with the Giant Manta Rays. We operate a dive center and would appreciate the link to invite divers to give another part of Mexico a try.
Thank you very much,
Pacific Scuba

Hi, i think it's a nice page, but one problem.... the midi music you have going on may not be popular unless you have a START or STOP button for the music.... terribly irritating when you are listening to music on your computer and suddenly this midi song comes and takes over.
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