Curacao Scuba Diving

We were in Curacao the last week of September, a few years ago. We spent a week there and stayed in a timeshare condo at the Curacao Caribbean Resort. The accommodations were superb with a pool and beach just outside the condo.

The diving operation, Seascape, was a short walk to the main hotelís beach and dock area which had a small dive shop. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. We werenít sure how many dives we wanted to do and they didnít insist on signing up for a package. At the end of the week we had done 8 day and 1 night dive and they charged us at the package rate rather than individual dive rates. All of the day dives were 2-tank boat dives. Maybe because it was off-season it wasnít crowded, but there were never more than 8 divers on the boat any time we went out. We did all morning dives, but they did have dives in the afternoon as well. The sites were really good, the visibility was excellent, there were a lot of fish, albeit small, and the crew was very willing to go places where we hadnít been before.

One of the dives we did was a wreck dive to the "Superior Producer". The wreck lays on its keel in 120' of water. When it went down it was carrying clothing and you can still see an occasional piece now and then. The water was so clear you could see the wreck as soon as you entered the water. Unfortunately because of the depth bottom time was limited.

The night dive we did was spectacular, the best one weíve done to date. We saw octopus, squid, morays and other usual night sights, and we were able to stay about an hour which was really great.

There wasnít really shore diving. You could go off the hotel, but it was quite a long swim to the reef so we didnít do any shore dives. That is one drawback if you like to shore dive, but the boat dives were really good so we didnít feel as though weíd really missed anything.

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