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On this page we will give our opinions on some of the scuba diving locations we've been to, the things we liked and the things we didn't. It is our hope that anyone planning a trip to one of these locations can learn from our experiences. Here are some of the locations we've been to. If you're interested in any of these destinations, click on the name for our dive trip report.


We just completed a trip to Florida in March of 2001 that included some diving in the Florida Keys.

Our Lake George page has just been up dated 7/25/00. Learn about "Lake George Diamonds" there! Also, check out our underwater pictures, accessed from our Cozumel, St Croix, Aruba and Bonaire pages, or you can go directly to Don's Underwater Photo Album. We have a few pictures of each location, if you prefer, you can read our dive trip report first and then go "underwater." The shots were converted from our underwater video and they take some time to down load so please be patient.

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