Maui Scuba Diving

The only thing we could find wrong with the diving in Maui was the price. A two-tank dive to Lanai was $95 which we thought was rather expensive. We did a total of 8 dives in Maui, 6 boat dives and 2 shore dives. The shore dives were off the Sheraton Hotel at Black Rock Promontory. Shallow but a lot of fish. I don't think it would be something to do more than once or twice.

We did 4 dives along the coast of Maui by boat, and two at Lanai at a site called Cathedrals. These are lava tubes which you can swim through; take a light. Unfortunately, Lahaina Divers didn't tell us that. The end is visible shortly after entering, but a light would have been nice. As you swim into a "Lava bubble" you can look up, where parts of the top have broken off sunlight shines through and it looks just like a window in a church, Thus the name Cathedrals.

I would not recommend this dive if your the least bit claustrophobic. When my wife entered the lava tube another diver pushed in between us, so I let his buddy follow him in. When I started in I faced the last diver coming out as fast as she could kick. I still donít know how she got turned around so fast in such a narrow space, but she wanted out big time. I made sure she was O.K. then I went in.

Visibility on all our dives were 100 ft. +. The fish were plentiful at every location, as were the turtles. We could also hear the Humpbacks "singing" but we didnít see any while we were in the water. We saw quite a few on the boat rides to and from the dive sites however.

Don's Underwater Photo Album